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Choosing A Happier Life After spending all kinds of time focused on what I was going to do to improve my life, I realized that there was a big problem that I wasn't addressing--the fact that I didn't do very many things for the sheer fun of them. I began thinking carefully about how to infuse a little fun into my day, and a friend of mine suggested getting out there and learning the art of entertainment. I began taking acting classes and participating with my local theater, and it was interesting to see how well it went. This blog is completely dedicated to choosing a happier, more stress-free life.

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Elements To Include When You Plan A School Assembly For Veterans Day

Of all the notable days throughout the calendar, Veterans Day is among the most important for people of all ages. If you're an educator who wants to ensure that your scho

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Planning A Princess-Themed Wedding: Five Royal Ideas To Consider

For some brides, getting married is an opportunity to spend a day feeling like a princess. If you want to have a princess-themed wedding, here are some suggestions to add

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Why Bowling Is A Fun Choice For A Family Activity

If you're looking for an entertaining family activity that's fun and also provides a bit of exercise, then bowling could be the answer. Even small children can enjoy bowl

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How To Make Party Clean Up Easier

Think about all the things you saw around the room as you looked around following a big bash. Depending on the type of party, you might have streamers and toys piled in a